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Taiwanese born Catherine Yang had only one dream as a young girl. From the moment she first stepped inside a dental clinic, she knew what she wanted to be. Her family sold everything they owned in order to migrate to Australia when Catherine was 15. But there was just one problem, she didn’t know English. Catherine had to rapidly learn how to speak a foreign language and navigate a foreign school and country within three years if she wanted to achieve her dream. Without any special consideration or exemption, Catherine had to reach grades above 99% and do it all in another language other than her own. The challenges were immense and fear began to torment her.

In order for Catherine to overcome her challenges, she knew she had to overcome fear first. She innovated a system that didn’t just hold fear at bay but instead allowed her to STEP on Fear and use it to her advantage.

S.T.E.P on Fear will teach you how to:

  • Set your mind for success

  • Use the right tools and strategies to topple fear once and for all

  • Enjoy the pursuit of your dreams

  • Find purpose and meaning in all that you do

If you want to STEP on FEAR and live the life you’ve been dreaming of, then this book is for YOU.




S.T.E.P. on Fear

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