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Assumption can cause problems, misunderstanding and resentment. Case study: I asked my son to go and get a pack of new dental floss from the storage cabinet one day. He came back me empty-handed, telling him that he couldn't see the new pack of dental floss and assumed that we must have run out of it. Because I was certain that I did purchase it and put it in the cabinet, I asked him to take me to the cabinet and show me. He was very happy to take on the task with me accompanying him. After all, a five year old enjoys going anywhere with his mummy. As we opened the cabinet, I realized that he was searching without the light on but he insisted he could see well enough in the dark. I took the opportunity and challenged him, "are you sure? look again before I turn on the light to see if it would make any difference. He giggled and agreed. As soon as I turned on the light inside the cabinet, we could both see the new pack of dental floss right in front of us. He laughed and said, "mummy, it's about the big word that you taught me yesterday." I replied, "yes, indeed, that big word was 'Assumption'!"

In life and work, we need to learn how to break away from careless assumption. If we assume matters and people without taking the steps for confirmation, we could delay schedule, incomplete tasks, misunderstand and hurt people's feelings.

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