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“I’ve just seen Catherine Yang onstage presenting how to change your life and the steps involved to make a real difference. I was blown away by her genuine authenticity. Her message is amazing. I even took notes and I’m going to implement the changes she talks about within 24 hours (she knows you must implement within 24 hours). So if you want to change anything within your life, you need to follow the steps that Catherine puts in place for you. So if you get the opportunity to have Catherine in your proximity, whether that be in a professional environment, or social environment, make sure you catch up with her and get her to help you to make change in your life.”

Warren Tate

MC and Presentation Coach


“I’m a performance coach to executives and elite entrepreneurs. I just saw Dr. Catherine Yang speak and I've got to tell you she is one of the most engaging and informative speakers I've seen in a long time. I learned so much from her talk. It was just unbelievable. If you get a chance to see her — come along, Catherine is absolutely amazing!”

Bradley Twynham

Performance coach and Investment Committee Chair at Scale Australia Investing


“I've just heard Catherine Yang speaking today at the Speakers Institute. Absolutely amazing! If you ever get the opportunity to hear her speak, she'll leave you speechless. She has an amazing smile and she's so inspirational and motivational. Dr. Catherine Yang — I wish you all the best and I really look forward to seeing you on the world stage again. God bless you.”

Rita BarbagalloAuthor of Magic and Miracles, Director of The Red Peacock, Founder of Barbee Barb Children’s Entertainment & Magic School, Chair of HerStory Women’s Global Empowerment Conference in Sydney 2019

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“I had the pleasure of listening to Cath talk in an interview with Sam Cawthorn and she talked about stepping on fear. She talked about breaking down fear into very simple easy-to-understand S.T.E.P — Step on Fear! It’s so easy to understand. It’s so easy to apply. So thank you Cath. I recommend all to listen to Cath speak.”

Ruth Saw

Procurement Specialist at Blu Dot Consultancy, Author of Clarity Is Power, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach


"I heard Catherine speak about stepping on fear — S.T.E.P — Step On Fear. That resonated with me. Fear was my mountain, but I saw that mountain but I took it on! Because that's all fear is! If you can step over it, step by step, layer upon layer, you’re going to rise above it and then fear will become very miniscule from that higher perspective. You have to break that mind barrier to overcome it. Catherine teaches that."

Khoa Nam Tran 

Author of Legless to Legless and TV program participant on “Taboo”; Co-Founder of High Vibe Project


“I have just had the absolute pleasure to see Dr. Catherine Yang on stage delivering an amazing presentation about stepping on fear. As a dentist, she has experienced many people having fear of visiting the dentist. And she has transformed that message to be a life lesson for people. She has a formula to be able to help you step on your fears. Catherine would be an absolutely fantastic speaker at your next event.”

Dianne McCabe

Director and Change Coach of “The Happy Path”

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“I was working with Catherine at the protege program and you know what? I’m really, really so impressed with her. Why? Because she shows her hard work, her commitment or wanting to deliver a message. No, she’s not just a dentist, she is somebody with a passion that wants to help people to overcome fear. Her message was so simple, so clear, because she has put in the effort to make it easy, simple for people to understand and able to execute it. So ladies and gentlemen, I recommend you go and talk to Catherine and find out about her S.T.E.P system — Step on Fear. She’s the best.”

YP Lai

Founder of 7 Secrets Life Balance System, National Director at BNI Thailand, BNI Vietnam, BNI Korea and BNI Philippines, Senator of Junior Chamber International